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Work Environment at Cosas de Barcos

In Spain by Joseph CalzolariLeave a Comment

Joseph Calzolari, Pre-Business: Interning at Cosas de Barcos has been a fantastic experience. I am a marketing intern for the summer and a month in Barcelona has already gone by. The commute to work is painless and is actually only one metro stop from where we are staying. Most people in my office speak only Spanish/Catalan and I am working as of English …

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Experience at Wert-Berater

In Czech Republic by Davis HarrisonLeave a Comment

Working at Wert-Berater has been a very interesting, and eye opening experience.  To be honest, coming into this internship I didn’t really know what to expect being an analyst intern at this business.  Wert-Berater is a feasibility and risk assessment business, in which companies send their proposed projects to Wert-Berater.  Then these proposals are analyzed on levels such as financial, …

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Working at BIWPA

In Spain by Chad BykerkLeave a Comment

Working at Barcelona International Water Polo Academy has been an outstanding experience so far. During the beginning of my internship at BIWPA I was in charge of marketing for the company. My main task was finding water polo clubs around the world and getting them interested in our water polo camps. Having played water polo my whole life, I was …

Culture Shock/Adjustment

In England by Dylan JohnsonLeave a Comment

Dylan Johnson, Management: The culture around the city is similar in many ways, but also very different. London is a fast-paced city. I come from Los Angeles, which is fast-paced, but in my own views, I believe things happen much faster here. There is always traffic in the streets, which is just like LA, but here most of the cars …

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Living the London Life

In England by Steven BlendLeave a Comment

Steven Blend Accounting ‘18: Adapting to the life in London has not been hard for me at all, just enjoyable.  Last summer I spent a week here with my family and I learned how to get around using public transportation, which is the biggest change for most. Another cultural shock I had was that I am of legal drinking age and …

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Prague Culture Shock

In Czech Republic by Davis HarrisonLeave a Comment

Life in the Czech Republic is very different than in the United States, and much different than I ever imagined.  The most notable difference in my opinion is the different speed of lifestyle.  People here do everything a lot slower, whether its eating at a restaurant or even at work, the pace is so much slower and more relaxed than …

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Work Environment

In Uncategorized by Amanda MartinezLeave a Comment

I am one month into working at the Prague Shakespeare Company, and it has definitely been one for the books. This is my first internship, and typically I am used to a paid job with a busy 5 hour shift, tasks, and constant interaction with people. When me and the two other interns first arrived to the PSC, they informed us …

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Hong Kong Living

In China by Kham ToLeave a Comment

Kham To, Eller Finance and Business Economics, 2017 My first 3 weeks in Hong Kong have gone by so fast! I can’t believe how quickly this summer is going by. The culture shock was a lot to take in. I realized that people in Hong Kong seem to be always in a hurry such as walking in hallways, on the …

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Life in London

In England by Jeffrey GerlachLeave a Comment

Jeffrey Gerlach – Business Economics ’16: Now that I have been living in London for almost 4 weeks, I feel as though I have gotten used to all the bits of culture shock that I first experienced upon arrival.  Now I know that if I am offered “lemonade” at a restaurant they will bring me out a Sprite.  I now know …

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Work Environment in the UK

In England by Christopher GravesLeave a Comment

By: Christopher Graves, Eller Finance/Accounting 2018: After working in my internship for 3 weeks now, I have noticed that the work environment has aspects that are much different than in the United States. My internship is with the London Mutual Credit Union at the main branch in Southwark. The companies mission is to provide clients with affordable financial products like …

Brand Infusion

In England by Gracy SlaughterLeave a Comment

Gracy Slaughter, Eller Marketing ’18: Work work work. My internship is a marketing position for Brand Infusion. Brand Infusion is a prop placement agency located at Elstree Studios – Elstree is basically the UK’s version of Universal Studios! That is one huge upside of the location of my internship, there are always things going on at the studios and I’m …

Work Environment

In Spain by Jeremy SachsLeave a Comment

Jeremy Sachs, Eller Finance ’16: Working in Spain has been an incredible experience and a unique one from the United States. Despite arriving at 8:45 for my first day of work (I start at 9), no one arrived until 9:30, a practice which I have come to accept with little reluctance. My bosses speak perfect English, which has made the …