A Summer For The Books

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By Morgan Holdcroft, Business Management, May ’16 Because I have never been to Europe before, my expectations are difficult to predict.  However, every single person I have talked to about my upcoming trip to Barcelona put an immediate smile on their face.  They tell me I am going to have the time of my life, that I am never going …

It’s almost time to depart for Prague!

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Ryan Sehgal, MIS, U of A 18′ I am now days away from the beginning of my study abroad experience and am full of all sorts of different feelings. I am without a doubt anxious and excited to get this trip started but am also filled with feelings such as nervousness. I have traveled a lot for someone my age …

Excitement About the Unknown

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By: Mary Elizabeth Morton ’17, RSCS Major, Business Minor:         I can not believe that in eight days I will be leaving for London. This entire experience has felt like an unrealistic dream. I have never been to Europe and have been asking numerous friends and family for their advice on the “London Experience.” Their responses have made me even …

10 days to be in Hong Kong!

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Shida Zhou, Pre-Business, ’17: First, I have to apologize for the blog being late. Since I am in China main land, I cannot receive the school’s mail. I am using VPN to send this blog right now. This is super inconvenient! Anyway, in only 10 days I will begin my first internship in Hong Kong. I really hope that I could learn a …

Part 1: Great Expectations

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Jeremy Sachs, Eller Finance ’16: Part 1: Great Expectations  I was always excited listening to my father’s stories of his college years and trying to decipher the nuggets of wisdom he tried to embed in them (some more successful than others). In between hazy memories of the Sammy’s house at the University of Illinois and (my personal favorites) the girls he would …

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Expectations for Prague

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Shawna Weltsch, Eller Marketing ’16: I am so excited to begin my journey in the Czech Republic in only a few short days. I have never been to Europe before, so I am unsure of what to expect. I am going into the experience with an open mind, and I plan to embrace all aspects of European culture.  In Prague, …

London Expectations

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Drew Henderson: In less than two weeks I’ll be leaving for London and though I’m looking forward to the next two months abroad, I have no expectations. I’m not overly excited to travel abroad because I spent last summer in Argentina and I’m not sure anything will be as fun as that experience. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to experience the culture …

Expectations for My Barcelona Internship

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  Alvaro De La Mora, Eller Accounting ’17: Traveling to Barcelona, Spain has been on my bucket list for quite some time now and it almost seems unreal that I will be able to check that off my list this summer. I’ve lived in Tucson all my life and haven’t embarked on such a journey like this one. Being able to …

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Expectations for my Internship in Barcelona

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Riley Thomas, Eller Marketing ’16: On May 28th I will be flying halfway across the world to begin an 8 week long immersion into the culture of Barcelona, Spain.  During this time, I will be doing marketing research and social media for a company called Trovel.  With this company, I hope to make lifelong connections and develop useful skills that …

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Getting Pumped for Barca <3

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Hannah Sullivan, Eller Marketing ’16: I expect this summer in Barcelona to be the best summer of my life. I am extremely excited to embark on this journey, but I am also slightly terrified. I have never traveled internationally, I can barely speak Spanish and I’m not in the best financial situation possible; but this is my last opportunity to …

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Expectations for My London Internship at Taylor Herring

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Jessica Wunder, Pre-Business, ’17: When I begin to wonder about my summer in London, I experience butterflies in my stomach. It’s a nervous excitement for the unknown. Let’s just start off with I’ve never been to Europe. I mean, I’ve known since I was 10 years old I wanted to see the world and this internship is kicking the doors …