7 days to be in Hong Kong, China.

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Jacqueline Angulo-Marketing and Management Information Systems May 2016. I am super excited to be there and experience a totally different culture to mine. Although, I am a bit nervous I am looking forward to have the best experience of my life.  I believe this experience will help me grow as a professional and is something I will use forever through my …

Barcelona in Sight

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  Ben Brehne, Eller Finance ‘16: Tomorrow I will be leaving to the beautiful city of Barcelona and cannot put my excitement into words. Since I left Europe three years ago, I have dreamed of going back to experience other cultures. The fact that I have been presented with such an incredible opportunity makes me feel fortunate of those around me …

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Up, up, and away to Prague!

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Julianne Capati, Marketing, ’16: I have to say, is this real? My Spring 2015 semester at the Eller College of Management has been quite ridiculous. It’s hard to pay attention in class and study for finals when you’re going to leave for a different country after the semester ends! I’ve been working my way up to this day and I …

For My First Internship- In Hong Kong

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By Qianying Zhang, Pre-Business, 2017: There are only a few days left until my departure. I am excited and expect everything of my internship.  I think it is a great opportunity for developing my working ability in my life, because Hong Kong is a major global trade hub and financial center, and my major is related to business. I can learn some …

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Going to Prague Early

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Conor Miller, Eller Business Mgmt ’16: I honestly had no expectations of Prague. I had no idea what the food was like, I had no idea if people actually spoke English, and I had no idea what the culture was going to be. So I decided to go early, before the program started. I spent three days living in a …

Expectations for Barcelona

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Gabriella Fernandez, Eller College of Management Marketing ’16: This summer, I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime!  Although I have been to Europe before, I have never been to Barcelona, and I couldn’t be more excited.  While I do have expectations for my journey this summer, I know that it will be so much more amazing than …

Expectation for my Hong Kong internship

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Shiru Sun, Marketing, 2017: I am really excited about this trip to Hong Kong because I will start my first internship in my life there. I would like to gain experience from during my work.  This experience will help me in my professional application of Eller college as well as my future jobs. Also, I would like to make more friends …

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Expectations for 6 Weeks in Barcelona

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Joseph Calzolari, Marketing: I cannot wait to get off the plane in Barcelona and embark on an exciting new experience this summer. Although I’ve been in Europe, I have never stepped foot in Spain. The expectations for my 6 weeks in Barcelona is to learn the Spanish culture, see how the business world differs from the one in the United States, and fully come …

Departing for London!!!!

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Brooke Hinkel, Eller College of Management Marketing ’16: I am too excited to arrive in London next week and to see whats coming for me this summer!! This is my first time in England so I actually have no idea what to expect, but I’ve only heard amazing things. I just went shopping with my mom to buy a ton …

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Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime

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Bridget Dunholter, Family Studies and Human Development ’16 I still cannot believe that I am about to leave for London in just one week. Studying/interning abroad in a different country has been a dream of mine for years, and it is finally happening! There are many different things that I want to do and places I want to see while …

Expectations of Prague

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Davis Harrison, Business Economics: I am extremely excited to be here in Prague. Although, I am nervous to be living in a new and very different country.  I am looking forward to my internship experience.  I think that this experience is going to be something that I will cherish and use forever.  In addition, I can’t wait to try to …

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Internship in Barcelona, Spain: Expecting the Unexpected

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Camille Goehausen, Eller Marketing ’16: Three days before my flight, and I still haven’t started packing. The fact that I’m moving to Spain in roughly 72 hours is finally starting to set in. Although I still have much to do before my early morning flight, Saturday could not come any sooner! This will be my first time in Europe, as …