Departing for London!!!!

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Brooke Hinkel, Eller College of Management Marketing ’16. I am too excited to arrive in London next week and to see whats coming for me this summer!! This is my first time in England so I actually have no idea what to expect, but I’ve only heard amazing things. I just went shopping with my mom to buy a ton …

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ready for the experience of a lifetime

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Bridget Dunholter, Family Studies and Human Development ’16 I still cannot believe that I am about to leave for London in just one week. Studying/interning abroad in a different country has been a dream of mine for years, and it is finally happening! There are many different things that I want to do and places I want to see while …

Expectations of Prague

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I am extremely excited to be here in Prague. Although, I am nervous to be living in a new and very different country.  I am looking forward to my internship experience.  I think that this experience is going to be something that I will charish and use forever.  In addition, I can’t wait to try to surround myself with Czech …

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Internship in Barcelona, Spain: Expecting the Unexpected

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Camille Goehausen, Eller Marketing ’16: Three days before my flight, and I still haven’t started packing. The fact that I’m moving to Spain in roughly 72 hours is finally starting to set in. Although I still have much to do before my early morning flight, Saturday could not come any sooner! This will be my first time in Europe, as …

Eat, drink, work, repeat.

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Cyrus Randall, Finanace: At approximately six o’clock in the evening on June 8, 2015, I will join a sea of navy blue suits in the financial district pushing my way into the tube. If all goes well I will make it back to my new dorm, new roommates and a Xl twin bed having just survived my first day interning …

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Expectations for Prague International Internship

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Aubrie Pike, Eller Marketing ’16: I have high expectations for my experience in Prague, and for my internship with the Czech events marketing company, The Element. I am excited to meet new people, explore parts of the world I have never seen before, and experience an entirely new culture. Additionally, I am anxious to work in a different country.  I …

From Nice, to Turin, to Vienna, to Prague!

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Gus Rasch, Finance and Computer Science, Class of 2017: Unlike most of the Eller students going to Prague, I am already in Europe, and have been for the past nine days. I am traveling alone, and although I am enjoying myself this is my first experience abroad and it has been challenging. Without a functional phone, and unable to speak the native language, I …

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Off to the City of a Thousand Spires

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Justin Bangay, Eller Pre-Business 17′: Ahoj! As I sit here at home just eight hours before my flight(s) to Prague, I cannot believe I am about to be living and traveling abroad for the next 10 weeks. I could not be more excited for this summer and am thankful for the Eller College of Management and CEA for allowing me this …

A Summer For The Books

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By Morgan Holdcroft, Business Management, May ’16: Because I have never been to Europe before, my expectations are difficult to predict.  However, every single person I have talked to about my upcoming trip to Barcelona put an immediate smile on their face.  They tell me I am going to have the time of my life, that I am never going …

It’s almost time to depart for Prague!

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Ryan Sehgal, MIS, U of A 18′: I am now days away from the beginning of my study abroad experience and am full of all sorts of different feelings. I am without a doubt anxious and excited to get this trip started but am also filled with feelings such as nervousness. I have traveled a lot for someone my age …

Excitement About the Unknown

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By: Mary Elizabeth Morton ’17, RSCS Major, Business Minor:         I can not believe that in eight days I will be leaving for London. This entire experience has felt like an unrealistic dream. I have never been to Europe and have been asking numerous friends and family for their advice on the “London Experience.” Their responses have made me even …

10 days to be in Hong Kong!

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Shida Zhou, Pre-Business, ’17: First, I have to apologize for the blog being late. Since I am in China main land, I cannot receive the school’s mail. I am using VPN to send this blog right now. This is super inconvenient! Anyway, in only 10 days I will begin my first internship in Hong Kong. I really hope that I could learn a …